Developer / Shopify / Squarespace


Website Audits and Analysis

All redesigns start with a site audit to check the structure and functionality of your website, identify any red flags, then determine the best place to start making an impact on your site’s performance and visibility.

Squarespace Setup and Theme Development

Depending on your situation, I’ll typically use Squarespace to build out small to medium size websites and use Shopify for sites with larger e-commerce catalogs.

Squarespace Content Management Training

Squarespace has one of the most intuitive admin panels. I'll walk you through every step of properly updating your website.

G Suite Setup and Email Administration

Whether you have a business email or not, nothing really beats the value of a G Suite Business Account for managing employee emails.

Search Engine Optimization

I don’t tack this on as additional service. Every website has a fundamental, well structured plan to get the most out of your SEO over the lifetime of your website.

Shopify Setup and Theme Development

Shopify is my ecommerce platform of choice for websites with large product catalogs and the need for/an existing POS system.


From taxonomies to image optimizations, every step of properly updating a Shopify will be talked through so you can maintain a consistent, long-living product catalog and website.


Google Search Console is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites.

MailChimp Setup and Administration